HERS is supported by:
The Hazchem Network

Established in 2004, The Hazchem Network operates out of purpose-built premises in Rugby. The Hazchem Network is a specialist hub-and-spoke pallet network devoted to ADR and the carriage of dangerous goods. The haulage companies that belong to the Hazchem Network are all audited to maintain the highest standards of safety. If your haulier is a member of the Hazchem Network they will already belong to HERS. Each of their trailers that carry Dangerous Goods will display an identification decal along with the HERS emergency telephone number.
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NCEC – UK’s National Chemical Emergency Centre

The National Chemical Emergency Centre (NCEC) is the official agency responsible for the provision of Level 1 protocol in the UK. All calls are answered by chemistry trained Emergency Responders who staff the response centre around the clock. With over 35 years of experience in this sector, NCEC provides unbiased and accurate information and advice on how to handle all incidents involving chemicals. Details of the cargo can be provided by the Hazchem Network hub allowing the best advice to be given. If required, the Emergency Responders will mobilise a clean-up response team from Braemar Howells.
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Braemar Howels.

Specialist vehicles, equipment and PPE are readily available to Braemar Howells’ (formerly know as DV Howells) Rapid Response teams, who may be called into action at any time. The company has nationwide coverage and the expertise and resources to provide a professional and complete clean-up response to chemical spillages.
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OAMPS Petroleum Insurance and Risk Management

Specialist insurers for chemical and petroleum industries, OAMPS are the market leader in the UK and Ireland for downstream Petrochemical Risks. They have their own teams of Health & Safety and Risk Management consultants and all claims are handled by industry-trained staff.
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To find your local Hazchem Network member company simply visit:
and click on your postcode.